Client Feedback (Complaint) via CP API

Bartosz Gumula 2 months ago in API updated 1 month ago 6

Hi Team,

I wonder if anybody tried posting Client Complaint via CP API.

We are trying to make a connection between ticketing system in which we manage complaints with XTRF, and my idea is to post feedback via API so it unlocks the projects and notifies relevant people without manual action or e-mail.

The issue is that the string that is within the body 

"type": "string",

is unknown and couldnt find anything in the documentation, nor when I tried random stuff like




Hi Bartosz,

based on what I found in the Java Docs, I assume the following strings are what you need:


They correspond to the feedback types in "Reports > Client feedback" (see screenshot for example). So you will probably want to use CUSTOMER_CLAIM when registering a client complaint.



Image 2517

Hi Ben,

I really appreciate your help, will test it immediately

One day I will have time to get familiar with JavaDocs... :) 

It works, thanks again!

Hi Ben,

I have stumbled upon the next issue, maybe you had it before.

So the next blocker for this implementation is the internal ID of the project. Somehow (:)) the client API does not accept smart project ID, 

This means that we need to get a "classic" internal ID, which is something that does not come with a response from GET. It is accessible via views, but I am reluctant to suggest a solution based on that as it requires quite a bit of API calls to make it work and we already have two solutions like that in place.

Yes, unfortunately I don't know of any other way to get the integer ID of a Smart Project other than browsing views either… I use similar workarounds as well 🤷🏻

Thanks Ben,

I guess that is the only way... really appreciate your support