Different e-mail content depending on branch

Bartosz Gumula 8 months ago in Home Portal updated 8 months ago 2

Hi all!

I am trying to seperate content on the e-mail based on the branch.

My proficiency in that is quite low and I don't have a clear idea on how to use this conditional within e-mail template.

Maybe someone has a tip on how to achieve it? It does not need to be branch related, custom field would be sufficient as well

Hi Bartosz,

In the email templates, you need to add some conditional statements like this:


#if(${task.customer.branch.name} == "Branch 1 name")

Email contents for Branch 1 clients

#elseif(${task.customer.branch.name} == "Branch 2 name")

Email contents for Branch 2 clients

#elseif(${task.customer.branch.name} == "Branch 3 name")

Email contents for Branch 3 clients


(optional) Default email contents if none of the previous conditions are met




This is based on the notification sent to the client upon delivery. Depending on which template you are using, you may need to adjust  ${task.customer.branch.name}. So for quote notifications, it may be ${quote.customer.branch.name}. Is this what you needed?

Hi Thomas!

Yes, that is exactly what I needed, I used .id instead of .name for simplicity and it worked perfectly. 

I am very, very grateful!