XML Invoices

Laura Jimenez 2 months ago in Home Portal updated by Nate 2 months ago 3


is anyone dealing with XML invoices?

Currently it is not posible to export XML invoices from XTRF and from 2024 electronic invoicing will be compulsory in many european countries.

Can someone share knowledge about this?



We're planning on generating invoice records in XTRF based on XTM projects. Not sure what you're trying to do exactly but as long as you have your XTM analysis file in XTRF and your payables and receivables are set correctly in your projects, invoicing should be the same as non-XTM projects. You can even fully automate invoicing using periodic jobs if needed.

Thanks, but I'm talking about XML format, not XTM.
As far as I know they are not related, right?


Sorry; I misread your comment. As far as I am aware, the only built-in options for export are PDF files or CSV files for the high-level invoice view. If the view gives you adequate detail, you might need to export as CSV and convert into XML. A CSV view export won't have line-item detail (no project IDs, project name, etc.); only invoice total and other invoice-level metadata.