QuickBooks Online Sync issues

Brandon Carney 4 weeks ago in Something Else updated 3 weeks ago 9

Hi all - we have been a client of xtrf since 2012 - one of the first clients for them.Since that time, we have built out the financial side of our company around the QBO/XTRF sync. I understand that bugs happen over time, no issues there but in June of last year the sync stopped working. Our entire financial system basically blew up. The vendor portal is wrong causing HUGE confusion amongst our linguists and added time/work for our internal staff. We are effectively at this point having to maintain two sets of books. I have put in numerous tickets, reached out to everyone I know (I know a bunch over there given how long we have been using the system) and no one, I mean NO ONE is able to give me any answer other than we are looking into it and will get back to you. I am absolutely floored by this situation. I am not one to take to the internet to talk trash about anyone or any company but I truly am at my wits end here. I have no other recourse except to turn to the outside world to see if my story resonates with anyone else. Has this been an issue for anyone else? I know things take time but this feels ridiculous and, honestly, like we are being taken advantage of because we have little to no recourse to fix the problem at hand. Any similar stories or suggestions as to how we can move forward here (other than switching to another provider) would be greatly greatly appreciated and welcomed. Thanks much. 

Wow. I have nothing to really add here but I hope this gets resolved soon. I have been with XTRF since 2016ish and initially didn't go with the QBO sync due to some challenges in attempting to get it to work. We decided to give it a try in 2023 and turned on the sync as of Jan. 1, 2023. So far it's working for us. However, I hope this gets resolved soon for your sake and also for the sake of other users that want to trust XTRF as their trusted TMS. Good luck!

Thanks, Mark. Much appreciated. 

Hi Brandon, yikes, that is horrible.  As Mark said, we just started using the integration after some testing this fall.  I could give you some advice for what to check first but since it hasn't been working since June, this might be too little too late...  Do you know if the periodic job for the QBO sync is running?  I would probably check that first since that will tell you if it's at least "plugged in."  In this example, you can see the last execution time was today.

Image 2476

Thanks, Ted. Given my 11 years experience with the system and the sync, I'm about as well versed as one can be without being an engineer. It seems that even their own engineers are unable figure this out. The fun part about it is, it's only client and vendor payments that are not syncing from QBO back to XTRF. Other elements seem to be working fine. Appreciate your suggestion nonetheless. BC

No problem, Brandon - I wasn't sure how much you'd been "under the hood."   This is very strange! So the invoices are syncing for you but not the payments?  

Hi Brandon,

We had different issues with the integration but I can definitely understand the frustration. We never really got the integration fully working to our needs so we ended up ditching it. We moved to this:


It's a paid QB add-on but it is cheap. It requires that you manually export csv files from XTRF and upload them to QB. Even if this is not the solution you are looking for, maybe it will alleviate some of the manual work you currently have



Rodrigo, we've been using something very similar, and the process has been pretty smooth for us. We've been using this tool. https://www.transactionpro.com/ It's worked but just this month we've switched to the integration. Fingers crossed that it works for us. :)

Thanks again for everyone's input here this week. Have a great weekend.