XTRF Quote / Project / Invoice templates

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I'm looking for recommendations and experiences in customising XTRF Quote / Project / Invoice templates.
As far as I know, BIRT 2 and 4 can only be modified by XTRF and OpenPDF is the only format that can be modified by the user company, is that correct?

We have been working to customise OpenPDF templates and have had some success, i.e. templates that are working, but could do with more tweaks - but overall we have found it quite difficult.

Is there anyone out there / can you recommend someone who is fully familiar with Java, Velocity and OpenPDF and would be interested in doing some programming for us?
Or would you recommend that we go directly with the XTRF Customisation Team? Your experiences would be very much appreciated!

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Hi Christiane,

Both can be modified by your team, there's a lesson on XTRF Academy on how to deal with BIRT templates.

As much as I always recommend our services, please note that the team is currently stormed with work and probably won't be able to assign resources to your request before the second week of January at the earliest.




Thanks Bartosz,

I'll have a look at the BIRT templates as well. 

My problems with the OpenPDF templates are that it's very laborious to program them in the XTRF interface. But when you try to program them in a proper external editor and paste the code back into the XTRF interface, it gets corrupted.
Also, the Java.doc lists the codes, but does not give much context on what the code actually does.

Is there any tips you could give me, both for BIRT and OpenPDF?

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Hi again Bartosz,

I'm looking at the BIRT tutorial now and will give that a go!

All the best, 



Old templates are not so easy to set up, but as Bartosz told, it can be modified by you. I did it also. 

I recommend the new HTML based templates. These are much easier.

I have a question in connection to this, is it possible to edit the BIRT-4 docs on a Mac computer? I tried to download Eclipse for Mac, but the report design option is not available. Is there another version I should have downloaded?

Where can I find the templates to download? (templates_2015_birt4.zip)

Thank you. 




Hi Miriam,

I used Eclipse 2019-03, which is pretty old, but let us add the latest BIRT-Framework. It's working on a MAC, too. 

But I'm not that familiar with it so please hear the experts, too ;)

Has anyone managed to group tasks by language pair instead of the default sorting by task ID in the OpenPDF Quote Document Template?