Filter vendors by holidays and import to Google Sheets

Jose Uribe 1 month ago in API 0

Hi, I'm looking for a way to filter vendors that are off today. The closest solution I found so far is via "Availability by Productivity as Text", showing 100% for a vendor that is off or fully occupied.

My issue is, when I try to import this view to Google Sheets using the XTRF add-on, I get these kinds of strings for the "Availability by Productivity as Text" column:

{jobsDetailsUrl=https:/allintranslations.s.xtrf.eu/home-api/availability/providers/2/for/${time}, numberOfDays=14.0, timeWindowStart=30-Oct-2022, days=[Ljava.lang.Object;@6e9f500b, timeWindowEnd=15-Nov-2022}

Instead of the kind of values I get if I export CSV manually: 31-Oct-2022 / 0%

Any clues are appreciated!