Display popup from macro

Ádám Csillag 2 months ago in Home Portal updated 2 months ago 4


Is there a way to display an "Are you sure?" popup to the user when executing a macro, and only continuing execution if "Yes" button is pressed?

Hi Adam,

Currently, macros don't allow this kind of interaction with the user. 

Thank you, Bartosz. Our use case would be a custom delete project macro. Currently the only safe option is to limit the macro usage to the administrator group, however project managers would need this macro too.

Adam, how about setting up a custom field (checkbox) on the Project scope that could be called "Safe to delete"? Then, your macro could check if that's checked or not, as I imagine deleting projects is not something you do in large quantities daily. This checkbox can even be hidden from the UI; this way, you could use another macro only to check it. Also, the category would do the trick as well.

Sounds good, thank you for the suggestion.