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Dennis Rosenbaum 1 month ago in API updated by Robrecht Belien 3 weeks ago 4

Hi all,

I would like to automatically send out a Job Offer (Smart Project). The API doesn't seem to have this functionality. I am currently searching the JavaDoc for anything that let's me execute this job offer through a macro, but I haven't found it yet. 

Maybe one of you have automated this proces?

The exact functionality that I need is that I can create a Job offer automatically where I assign an activity/job and a rule (provider selection rule?). This is the current manual step that I take:

Hi Dennis,

I'm not sure if I understand your question fully, so this answer may be basics for you, but it's just to be sure we're on the same page.

While creating a Process Template, there are options that can be selected in each job menu that are used to automatically send job offers for each job (separately). Job offer is sent when job goes to status Started.

To achieve that, open a job menu when editing Process Template and go to Default Vendor section. There check radio button Send Job Offers according to rule and choose rule you want to use:

You can Add/Edit rules by going to Settings -> Projects and Quotes -> Vendor Selection Rules (smart) and specify FIlters, Sorting and Cascades as you wish:

I did not know this. I think this may work exactly as I wish, so the Job Offers get out automatically!

Thank you

Allthough, a new question occurs. We first create a quote, later we convert this quote (automatically) to a project. That is the moment where we need to change the Process Template. Is this possible?


Hi Dennis,

I think it is possible to change the process template as long as all the steps are open.