CRM - any experience?

Gae 1 month ago in Something Else updated by mark 3 weeks ago 2

Hi Crew,

we'd like to start using CRM module in order to collect there all email (internal & external ones) connected to a specific project 2020/XXXX.

Suggestions? Any experience in this?

Thanks u all


Hi Gae,

to associate e-mails from external mailbox, you need to map such a mailbox to XTRF.

To do that go to My Account -> Mailboxes -> Edit -> Add and provide all e-mail account details:

After entering your mailbox's information into the system, you can send  and retrieve messages from that mailbox via XTRF. You can also associate messages with items such as customers, quotes or projects so that you can quickly and easily access a message from an item's Messages tab.

You can add Associations from CRM Module level - open an e-mail (or any other CRM entity - memo, task,etc.) in CRM module, click one of the buttons on the bottom:

You can also add an CRM association from Client, Vendor or Client Invoice level. In Classic Projects you can add associations from Quote or Project level.

@Gae, how is the CRM working for you? We found it too clunky, but it would be nice to have everything connected.