Convert Smart Quote to Smart Project through API/macro

Dennis Rosenbaum 3 weeks ago in API updated by mark 2 weeks ago 2

I would like to use the API (or macro) to convert a quote to a project.

Is there anyone that already done something like this?

Allright, I have figured it out. And while figuring it out, I also noticed that I have done this before.

If anyone is interested, there are two ways to achieve this.

1. Update the Status of the quote by API to APPROVED, this automatically converts the quote to a project

2. Retrieve the Quote Confirmation Email (through Macro) and read the token from this email. Next execute the quoteAccept.seam url with the token from the e-mail



Thanks for the update. I am interested. We've never used the API to convert a quote, but could see how this would be useful.