Business reports: Monthly quote conversion

ellen.digby 4 weeks ago in Home Portal updated by Mateusz Trzeciak (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 4 weeks ago 3

Is anybody able to explain to me exactly how the built-in Monthly quote conversion report works, please? I can see that it is a  "relation" type report ("Relation: Number of Tasks / Number of Quote Tasks") but I cannot tell from this exactly how it is working. Is it comparing the number of quote tasks added in one month against the number of project tasks created in total that month? (This wouldn't work for us as we do not quote for every project). Or is it only comparing the number of task quotes against the number of project tasks converted from quotes?

Thank you.


I think the default one was not correct, but we changed it a few years ago. We added filters for both the number of tasks (Quote status=Accepted) and Number of Quote Tasks (again, Quote status=Any) to get a better picture. 

Thank you Alexandros - that's really helpful.
Looks like it's not possible to create the same relation report based on project numbers rather than task numbers as the filter for "Project>Quote status" is not available, which is a shame.

Hi Ellen,

I've just checked this on our demo instance, and there's a filter you mentioned: