How to display only Active Price Profiles

Laura Jimenez 2 weeks ago in Home Portal updated 6 days ago 7


does anyone know if it is possible to display only the Active Price Profile?



I think you can edit the view, and then set a filter to show only active ones.

Thanks, Thijs but no, that is not posible since there are no filters to filter "Active"

Hi Laura,

I checked again, because I was sure I had such a view set up. For some reason I can't set filters when clicking on the pencil icon in my screenshot above, but if I go to Views in the general settings, I do have that option. And there I can filter on Active (yes/no). I have tested it and it works for me.

Maybe you could try this, or if not, maybe you're on a different version?

Hi Laura,

maybe it would be easier to use Vendors -> Price Profiles smart view for this purpose.
Smart Views are a lot easier to manage and give a possibility of dynamic changes of filters, filtering by vendor name and so on:

Thanks Mateusz and Thijs, but even if I edit the view in Price Profile level and use that view in the Provider Profile, Inactive Profiles are always displayed:


these are two separate views - first screen displays price profiles of one Provider, another of all providers.
What I meant is that you can use the second view (Price Profiles) to achieve what first cannot (filter only active price profiles + filter specific provider(s).

Yes, I did undertood that, I know I can filter that in the Price Profile module but some of our Projet Managers are asking to display only the Active profiles in the Provider profile.

Thanks anyway