Encoding of CSV Files

Laura Jimenez 6 months ago in Home Portal updated by Thomas Mosley 5 months ago 14


anyone know what't the best encoding for Spanish?

Hi Laura,

Answer depends on what you're trying to achieve with that export - if you want to have your data imported into another system check what is supported encoding for such second-party. Let us know what system we are talking about here so we can help you choose the right option.

In most cases UTF-8 is the best choice as it is default for most software and contains all of the Spanish diacritics out of the box. 


Thanks Bartosz

the thing is that it used to work without a problem until a week ago more or less. We have UTF-8 and everything is ruined in the exports. See screenshot below:


It seems that your problem is rather with your Excel settings - just by taking a look, someone might've changed the global organisational settings. Try exporting data in Windows-1250 encoding and let me know how is that going for you please. 



You are probably opening the CSV with Excel (by double clicking the file). Though I think it is not the preferred way to open the Excel files.

Rather you should open the CSV files through the Data tab and then 'Import from Text/CSV': https://www.copytrans.net/support/how-to-open-a-csv-file-in-excel/


Thanks Dennis, but the most common and universal practice used by all our users is opening the file by double clicking...


this is what happen with Windows-1250


in case you wonder, this is what happen with Windows-1252


What should be the appropiate global organisational settings to work fine with UTF-8?



Also, when we change the settings and click save, we have to do it twice because this is what we got:

Anyone else with this problem?




Hi, Laura. I have this problem with XTRF's CSV files, too. I have a workaround, not a solution unfortunately, but maybe you'll find it helpful.

I open the CSV with Notepad++ and change the encoding to UTF-8-BOM. Then I save the CSV and it appears correctly in Excel.

I noticed that XTRF has some UTF encoding with BOM, but I'm not sure if that is the solution or not. Keep us posted!

Vaya sorpresón!!!

Thanks, but I need a global solution because I can't edit all exports done here.

My main question is why was it working fine a week ago and what has change since then to have now this problem???


it works perfect with x-UTF-16LE-BOM


Surprise! :-) Yay! Glad I could help! My only question now is if it will appear correctly for all your users with different configurations and language settings. Let us know if any issues come up!

Hi, Laura! Just following up. Is this fix still working for you and your team?