Whatsapp API — Anyone?

Adrián Flores 6 months ago in Something Else updated 6 months ago 2

Hello, folks.

I have been thinking lately about automating the vendor selection process though XTRF. The built-in feature works great, the only problem is that not many people receive email notifications in real time or check their email frequently (at least not frequently enough to accept an offer). Our PMs simply contact vendors through WhatsApp and present the offer to them. So, the WhatsApp Business API seemed like an interesting idea.

Has anyone thought about using it? How do you guys go about the process of contacting and assigning vendors to your projects?

XTRF: Is integrating WhatsApp to the vendor selection process a possibility? Maybe a custom integration?



Our experience has been that the vendors have set up email on their smartphone for quick reference even when they are on the go. Now that the Vendor Portal is more optimized for smartphone screens, it is easy for the vendor to accept or reject the job.

Yeah, I guess no one wants to miss out on jobs. We are setting up a pilot test with a few trusted vendors to see how it goes.

Thanks for the input, Sancho.