Training video on how to use XTRF to share with suppliers

Val 7 months ago in Vendor Portal updated by Mateusz Trzeciak (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 6 months ago 1

Hello everyone,

We are experiencing a few issues with XTRF. 

1) DTP providers are classified as translators for all languages so they sometimes get translations requests. DTP should be added as a language or as a further service.

2) translators submit the invoice if the amount is 0 resulting in lost invoices. (especially with projects paid by target words). 

3) it would be ideal to have a video from you guys where the functions of XTRF from a supplier's point of view are illustrated. 


Hi Val,

please take a look at this video (36 minutes long) about Vendor Portal. It was recorded rather as a presentation for potential clients, but it covers Vendor Portal functionalities quite well, together with registration process and specifying services, language pairs, areas of expertise and so on.