Sign in to client portal as contact?

Meghan Cooper 7 months ago in Client Portal updated 6 months ago 4

I'd like to log in to the client portal to see what they see. I thought there used to be a way to do this but I'm not seeing it now - is this possible? For vendors, at the bottom of the Main Data page of the contact, you can "Sign in to Vendor Portal as this Person." I don't see this on any tab for the Client contact person. 

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Yes, it is possible. You have to go to Client tab >> Main Data >> System Accounts. Then you will see Client Portal Settings section and button "Sign in as this partner".

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Adrian Kucab

Thanks Adrian! Isn't it possible that different contacts have different settings? It is possible to see from a particular contact?

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As far as I know it is impossible to see Customer Portal from a particular contact (in XTRF v8.1.9, maybe it is possible in newer versions). But you can set different settings for different contacts. It can be set in Contact Person >> Account Data after you mark checkbox next to "Client Portal Access Allowed". When you mark it you will see some settings for only this specific contact person.


Adrian Kucab


Thank you! One other related question - is there only one password for an entire client (all contacts of a given client)? When I "Sign in as this Partner," under "My Account" > "Settings" I see an area to change the password. Would this apply to all contacts, or how would it work? (A contact is currently having issues with resetting a password and I'd rather just assign her one).