Delay time used in account statement

Tarek Makhoul 7 months ago in Home Portal updated 7 months ago 4

Did anyone figure it out how to stop the delay time on the account statement as if the invoice is paid the delay time still increasing.

Dear Tarek,

could you please provide us with a screenshot of a window showing such a case?

Dear Mateusz, 

Please check below picture as referred to two separate months for the same client. As you will notice the delay number for the paid invoices is still increasing. 

Thank you

Is that something you created yourself (the Delay column)? If yes, then you probably need to first check if the invoice is overdue before adding the number of days to the delay.

This column already exist in the prebuilt template in XTRF. Go to invoicing ->  client receivalbles -> select a client name , select all invoices required -> click on send document (top right of the screen) and preview the template by clicking on the pdf icon.