What does it mean to "Enable User Review" on the In-house Job section of a User's profile?

Meghan Cooper 9 months ago in Home Portal updated 8 months ago 2

We have an external vendor we sometimes use for additional QA or PM resources, and I'm not sure if  I should enable this or not. If so, I will be able to link the page to her vendor profile? 


Enable User Review means that you can turn your XTRF user into in-house vendor. That user will now appear in vendors list and will be able to be assigned to workflow jobs. That can be really useful when for example one of your users/PMs is working with someone outside XTRF database or doing some internal job, then that person can be assign quickly to job and complete it etc.

However, this feature does not work with vendors who are not XTRF users.

Ah, ok. In the past, was this option enabled by default? I believe it created an in-house vendor for me when I first signed up.

In this particular case, though, the user had already been set up as a regular vendor in the past before we set her up as a user for PM jobs. If I enable this option on her user page, will it create a duplicate vendor? Or will I be able to type in the Name from the existing vendor profile, and XTRF will link them?