LQA process in XTRF

Jan Hinrichs 4 years ago in Home Portal updated by Martyna Pałasz (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 4 years ago 2

How can we run a LQA process in XTRF with external documents and link them to the vendors. 

Use case: we evaluate vendors periodically with a balance score card

Ideally we would use XTRF e.g. the reports section "Client Feedback" to add the LQA information and to close with Pass or Fail. 

How does the rest of XTRF users deal with this issue? 

I would also be interested in hearing the answers.

We are currently processing our LQA process outside XTRF. This was the feedback I obtained from our Vendor Management department when I asked why we weren't adding the LQS results under Evaluations (seems to me the place for this, under the vendor profile):

We have looked at this in the past but have built a solution that is more suitable for our needs, across all accounts, that incorporates the different LQA metrics used and is much less time consuming.

Also, the evaluations that would be added at project level would not be visible in the vendor profiles so would not give us the overview needed.

Evaluation module in XTRF is connected with rates based on particular vendor job. You can enter rates for vendors manually but if then any of them will receive evaluation over job then initial rate will be overwritten. Connection between your score card and XTRF has to be made by customization. There will be possibility to for example redo your form to HTML and then with macro fill in evaluation. Forms can be stored in files. Another option is to store grade in custom field. Anyway, as I said, all of those options are for customization. Please contact your account manager if you're interested in any of it.