Receivables export

Lucía Gutiérrez Franco 9 months ago in Something Else updated by Mateusz Trzeciak (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 9 months ago 2


I would like to find out how to export the items in the receivables tab in Smart projects. We would like to see the following information per project: number of words, rate per word, language combinations; and would like to be able to see it in a line per project being able to filter by different date ranges, so that we can see that information of all projects conducted within a specific time frame with one line per project.

Does anyone know how to do this?


I think you can do this on the Task views? You can create a view at the Task level, that includes Language Combo, Sorted by Date and/or Project. You can add a virtual column for Word Counts (the code is on User Echo somewhere). I'm not sure about rate thought... 

Dear Lucia,

this is what is possible to achieve by default:

If you'd like to have a Basic Rate column, this could be achieved by a Virtual Column, but this would only work for first reveivable in task or only for a receivable of one kind.