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Is it possible to merge different client invoices with no assigned invoice number?

Daniela R 10 months ago in Something Else updated by Maciej (XTRF Senior Deployment & Training Specialist) 10 months ago 1

We are currently implementing a new invoicing procedure and it would be interesting for us to have the possibility of merging two existing client invoices with no assigned number yet into one single invoice to be sent to the client.

This would allow us to have two different PMs on invoicing (hundreds of) tasks for the same client, that on the contrary needs one single invoice per month.

Any hints?

Under review

Isn't that easier to just maintain a single, open invoice for any Tasks from a given Client?

You just need to open one invoice and will be able to keep adding Tasks to it until you decide to finalize it and assign a number. 

It sounds like a simple internal agreement on how to handle the process, rather than a feature that you need in this case. 

Consequently, why don't you change this Client's expected invoicing date and invoice anything until one particular moment by the end of a month, when you sweep everything and invoice at once? In that case, you wouldn't have to worry about when and how to invoice - just do it once and for all when you really need to. 

More so, why don't you rely on an automation and create one invoice for this client automatically, sweeping all there is in a given month?

Periodic Job > Automated Client Invoicing has been widely used by the Community. Am I right gang?