Notify through API when a quote is deleted

Dennis Rosenbaum 11 months ago in API updated 11 months ago 2

I would like to have the possibility to know when quotes are deleted. There should be a 'quote_deleted' subscription available. 

The reason is that we use a secondary system and sync this with the XTRF state. When a quote is deleted in XTRF, it should also be deleted in the secondary system.

Or is there maybe another way to achieve this?

Hi Dennis,

A "delete" susbscription would be great for other entities too. We are also syncing Xtrf with another system and this would make it easier.

I did a work workarounds once, I created a view with all internal quote id's (I store them in the other system) and then checked all the id's that are in the other system and not in that view anymore. I created a daily job to check this.


Thank you for the workaround, I'll think of implementing this.