Community meeting - 22nd of August, 3 PM CEST

Bartosz Budzyński 5 years ago in Something Else updated by mark 5 years ago 12


We'd like to have another community session on 22nd of August at 3 PM CEST.

Here's a link to join: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/593362341

From XTRF Team there will be:

Anna Glińska, Customer Success Manager

Andrzej Lech, Customer Success Manager

Maciej Rączka, Senior Deployment Specialist

We would like to talk about vendor billing.

We'd love to hear your thoughts, opinions and best practices on that topic. 

Everyone's invited! 

See you there!



hi Bartosz, thank you for the invite! Do you know how long this session is estimated to be? One hour or more? thank you!

Count me in. While we have a system that works quite well, sharing this information might help others and help you to provide some necessary tweaks to the Vendor Portal. Do you want me to prepare a brief presentation of about 5 minutes?

I guess this is too short-term for me after all. Just realized that August 22 is tomorrow!! I am already tied up tomorrow.

@XTRF: Can you please announce these important meetings earlier in future, so most of us can attend? At any rate, please share the recording of this meeting.

Hi Sancho,

Sorry for the short notice. Martyna announced the date earlier on Mark's thread but we have decided to make it one-meeting-one-thread to make sure those won't go unnoticed.

We'll make sure to post an announcement earlier next time, sorry you won't be able to make it tomorrow.



we decided to move the meeting to next week Thursday 29.08., so that everyone who is interested will get the opportunity to attend and prepare.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

I'm sorry, but I don't think it's very kind to reschedule something like this four hours before it's meant to start.  I live in the United States, so I got up early to attend this, making special changes to my schedule for the day, and now it's not happening today.  


Hi Ted, I'm sorry to hear this. It looked like the attendance would ber very low this week, so we decided to move the meeting, in order to accommodate more users following the feedback we received. We will make sure a similar situation will not happen again. I appreciate your efforts and please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately for me, I'll be oOo next week.

Do you plan to register the meeting?

thanks in advance


Hi Christine, yes, there will be a recording available for everyone. I'm sorry to hear you won't be able to attend this time.

I'll be attending this meeting.

Can I respectfully suggest a more visible announcement of the rescheduled date/time? :)