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XTRF Summit - Smart Connectivity presentation

Bartosz Gumuła (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 2 weeks ago in API • updated by Angelo 5 days ago 4


During the XTRF Summit, I was designated as a person that will showcase some of the XTRF connectivity with third-party tools, one of those is Google Data Studio (basically, better-looking reports).

I could try to use my experience to do so but I figured that maybe you have an idea for a few reports that would benefit from graphic display instead of just pure numbers. I would prefer to do it from PM point of view instead of management but I am open for suggestion. 

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We use Google Data Studio and have a report specifically for PMs. I'm happy to share the report, but I'd have to anonymize the data. At a minimum, I could easily give you some blurred-out screenshots. And I agree that GDS gives better-looking reports, I find that it's actually much more powerful and easier than using XTRF reporting. We really depend on GDS to get easy access to our XTRF data. 

Just so you know, we don't use the XTRF DS connection, it hasn't been working from my experience. Rather we connected the XTRF API to google big query, and then connect big query to Data Studio. 

Under review

Dear Mark,

If you would be so kind as to provide this report in any way shape or form (the way it will not take too much time for you) I would be extremely thankful

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No problem.


The above is a scrubbed copy of our management data report. It's mostly from XTRF to Data Studio. We look at this in DataStudio and manipulate it with the filters. This gives us an overview of what we're doing in a given week/month/quarter. Page one is a high level overview. Page two is to dive into our closed projects. Page three is to dive into current due projects. Page four is to review recent quotes.


The file above is another scrubbed copy of what our Team Leads review with our PMs. This is emailed from DataStudio as a PDF so there is little manipulation. The idea is for PMs to get a quick overview of how they are doing and what their workloads look like compared to the rest of the team.

Let me know if you have any questions.

this has charts.  xtrf dashboard does not. can xtrf dashboard have charts?