Reset Smart View to default

Reinis Straume (LMI:T) 12 months ago in Home Portal updated 12 months ago 3
Is there a way to reset a view to its default "saved state", including sorting?

Our Invoices view is by default sorted by Internal ID, but the column is hidden. One of my PMs found that, if they sort the view by Number (Invoice Number - the number generated for the Invoice), the items are sorted in way that is not expected.

AAA2019/999 is the highest number it recognizes and AAA2019/1000 and so forth are somewhere down in the list, etc.

A quick fix I could give my PMs would be a way to reset the view to its "saved state", including the default sorting. Right now, XTRF remembers the changed state and I can't seem to shake it.

Thank you!

It's hard to tell what caused the problem exactly without taking a look and testing scenarios on your XTRF.

My guess is that this is caused by Stable Sorting Algorithm. This algorithm lets you to sort view results by two columns (in Smart Views), the relative ordering of items with equal values.but remembers only the first one. I suppose, that you've probably sorted Jobs view by different column first and then by Internal ID.

Try to copy this view and sort it by Internal ID only. If this won't solve the problem, please contact Help Desk to open a ticket for it.


1) Stable algorithm explanation: https://planetmath.org/stablesortingalgorithm

Thank you very much for the quick reply, Mateusz. Will try this ASAP.

But the question stands: is there a way to force XTRF to present a view as it was saved by the owner?