Sending e-mails with from and reply to the same as the E-mail address

Dennis Rosenbaum 12 months ago in Home Portal updated 12 months ago 2

We have a shared e-mail inbox which we would like to use within XTRF.

But in the section 'Set Sender's E-mail Address in', there are only two options.

I would like to have another option 'Use the E-mail Address field as From and Reply-to'.

Would this be possible?

Hi Dennis, unfortunately this option is not available now. I encourage you to put this idea into our Product and Development forum!

I don't have full overview of your case but main email address will be always the sender and recipient of all emails. Set sender's email address in is only responsible for covering main address and putting for example PM email into CC. Please test sending emails and maybe our default configuration will work for you.

Your default configuration unfortunately doesn't work for us. Is it possible that you convert this post to 'Product and Development'? That way there won't be any duplicates here.