XTRF in Chrome shows code instead of links etc

Jose CB 12 months ago in Something Else updated 12 months ago 7

It looks like your browser has some issues with Javascript. Can you please check different browser, and contact our Helpdesk to see if there is anything they can help?

I checked with Opera, no problem.

I will contact your Helpdesk then, thank you.

Hi, Jose

please make sure that you have all ad-blockers or JavaScript blocker disabled while working on XTRF. 

I don't think I have any of those, I disabled a miner block and kaspersky just in case, but no joy.

Thanks though

Well I have not received a reply from the Helpdesk, so all I got is you guys.

Apparently this has something to do with the TLS 1.2 protocol. The weird thing is Chrome is supposed to have it activated by default. Actually it worked in my previous computer with Windows 7, it is now same Chrome version but Windows 10, that it doesn't work.
The message you will read below talks about the server... but as I said, my client server seemed to work when I was using Windows 7. 

The first TLS error comes from some browser add-on accessing http://www.acestream.org/ - this is a p2p video player, nothing to do with XTRF.

The moment(...).tz is an actual error, which means some javascript was not loaded correctly from the server, and that may come from the browser cache. Try clearing your browser cache.

If that doesn't help, try switching your browser language to English, as the errors above suggests your browser is trying to access Spanish translation of the vendor portal. This should not be an issue (it will display English texts), but it''s worth trying if the cache method won't help. Please follow:


Change the language of your Chrome browser (Windows & Chromebook only)

If even that won't help, try removing the "acestream" software.


I changed the browser language and deactivated the Acestream extension. No joy.
Then I decided to deactivate the Acestream extension. No joy either.
The I uninstalled the Acestream extension completely. Only if you remember I had this Miner Block extension also installed but deactivated, and I decided to remove it as well.
After this, the XTRF portal worked properly.
So I'm not 100% the problem was the Acestream extension. I should have checked the effect of the Acestream uninstall and then uninstall the Miner Block if necessary, but I am pretty sure Acestream was the problem, since it was the one actually mentioned in the Javascript panel.
After the problem was solved, I reverted the browser to Spanish and re-installed both Acestream and Miner Block and everything was OK.
So I think the problem was that when I installed/updated Chrome in the Windows10 computer, Chrome remembered my extensions and had them installed automatically, and that somehow interfered with XTRF. Uninstall and reinstall was the solution.

Thank you very much to all of you, of course a very special thanks to Marcin.