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Aida Martirosyan 1 year ago in Client Portal updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 1 year ago 2

When sales team is sending CRM emails from client portal the system uses the default assignment@ which is used for doing assignments to the vendors.  Can we choose to use the email of the sender instead? How?
I assume the information can be easily matched as all logged users have their emails.

Thank you!

First of all please specify if you want to send CRM emails from Home Portal and not Client Portal?

When it comes to Home Portal XTRF will use main email set in configuration > general settings > email as address from which all CRM mails will be send. However, in the same settings you can choose two options (marked in yellow):

- reply to field only - which means that while replying to CRM email recipient will reply directly to user who sent emails even though main XTRF email will be visible

- from and reply to - main XTRF email will be replaced (to be specific it will be just overlaid) by user email but this option might cause problems with main email providers such as Google etc, because their systems might see such email as scam (see information above drop down list on screen below).

Regarding the 'From and Reply-to' option. XTRF has added this message after I had trouble with configuring the SMTP server of my Microsoft Exchange server. Though the error message is incorrect. Email providers are cautious when it comes to sending e-mail from a different account, but it is more a configuration-thingy than that it just doesn't work.

This is what XTRF does: It logs in to SMTP with the e-mail login and password provided (let's say it is admin@company.com), and afterwards it will send an e-mail as you@company.com.

Some SMTP servers are protected and you need to set send permissions so that you@company.com may send e-mails from the admin@company.com account.

Hope this helps.