Best way to map CAT ressources to clients?

francois.massion 1 year ago in Home Portal updated by Mateusz Trzeciak (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 1 year ago 1

We have translation memories in the SDL server (part of Groupshare) and we have also file based translation memories.

What is the most efficient way to allocate these workflow resources to clients in XTRF?

We want to avoid opening manually the dialog 'add workflow resource' for each client and each language combination as this would mean hours and hours (days) of work (imagine 10 languages x 1000 clients = 10,000 times opening a dialog).

  1. can we connect the SDL memory server and "communicate" the way memories are organised on the SDL-server to XTRF?
  2. can we batch-copy all memories (the file based ones) in a directory and on our XTRF server?

Main rule is that if you work with SDL Trados, then you work with file-based TMs, if you use GroupShare, then all TMs must be stored on GS resources server.

1. You need to have GroupShare integration set up ad properly configured, to see preview of GS resources in XTRF and manage them in XTRF using Resource Selection Rules. You cannot upload resources to GroupShare via XTRF. You can import file-based TMs to existing TMs on GroupShare server. There's also an app to mass import them:


2. In order to save TM's to SDL Trados, you have to upload them via XTRF. Unfortunately only option for now is to upload them one by one. As something of a workaround, we normally propose to upload these TMs when creating a project, when it's needed, instead of doing this with all TMs at once.