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How can I present separate data for different offices in the client portal to contacts that have access for multiple offices?

Thijs Senten 1 year ago in Client Portal updated 1 year ago 5

Some of our client contacts are linked to multiple offices. In the portal, they would like to be able to see data for separate offices, instead of everything together as it now seems to be. This would be data like projects, quotes and invoices, but also reports.

Is this possible, and if so: how?

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It is possible to various degrees.

Firstly, we're talking about Contact Persons only and their individual access to the Portal. 

You need to consider these choices on one's profile. 

Additionally, you need to decide which of the connected Offices someone will have access to.

When it comes to Invoices, if an invoice gathers data from different Projects from various Offices, if you see it, you will also see data from those items. 

When it comes to Reports, it will depend on those particular Report settings.

Hi Maciej,

Thanks for your reply. I had used the settings as you indicated. The thing is now that in the projects overview for instance, the projects for MR Corp and MR Energy (from your example) are shown together, without indication which is for which office, and it doesn't seem to be possible to filter on office. The same applies to quotes, invoices etc. And for the reports, it seems to be quite difficult to create reports that show data on a per client basis, because there are often only two variables you can show, and 'client' (so, office) is most often not the one you want to use. Or is this possible?

Hi XTRF, any follow up?

Dear Thijs, 

When it comes to the client-facing interface it is hard to achieve the result you want. Default client portal does not filter by offices.

When it comes to reports it really depends and it will require quite a lot of manual work on a daily basis to keep it relevant or some macro running in the background but it all really depends on what kind of reports you would like to share with a client. I can try to help out some more but I would need a little bit detailed example.

Best regards,

That's a pity. For now let's leave it at this, but I think it would be a good development to make this type of more granular reporting/data insight possible in the future.