Project with different source files per language through client portal

Wim 1 year ago in Client Portal updated 1 year ago 4


I classic projects, we can upload different input data per task and language pair, but how can this be realized from the client portal? I cannot select any languages for the files I upload.

We have project with 32 languages, but the source files for all languages are different. (Client CMS outputs xml files per languages). Is there a way to use the client portal for such projects? Or do we need to receive all files outside of XTRF and do all the setup manually in XTRF?

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Hi Wim, I believe your client would need to upload several projects via Customer Portal and upload the source XML accordingly.

I wouldn't do that with the client portal. I wouldn't put my client through that. :)

If it's something recurring, maybe a Smart Connector linked to a hot folder could be a solution. But I'm not really sure about the details.

Thanks for the replies. I also checked with XTRF helpdesk, and it seems that this cannot be realized and would need a customization.

Maybe we will go with smart connector and have it automatically create projects per language.