Contract Amount

Monika 1 year ago in Home Portal updated 1 year ago 2

Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone had a similar idea about tracking the total spent by a client by comparing invoiced projects (in a specific date range - depending in your client's contract duration) with the Contract Amount (this field does not exist in XTRF).

I think this would be extremely useful and does not sound like something complicated for XTRF.

Please let me know if any of you is already doing it, if you have some tips on how to approach it?

Thank you,


If I understand correctly, Contract Amount is basically a number that you enter once and store on Client profile. If so, I would suggest creating a Custom Field in Client scope.

General Configuration -> Custom Fields and Columns -> Add Custom Field -> Scope: Client, Type: Number

Then you put a number in created Custom Field, let's assume it's named Contract Number. You can then add a Client > Custom Fields > Contract Amount column to your Projects or Invoices view. This will basically look like that:

Thank you, Mateusz :)