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Payment pairing

Michal 1 year ago in Home Portal updated by S_P 1 year ago 6


is it possible to import data set containing list of paid invoices and mark relevant invoices in XTRF as paid?


Following with interest

I hope this is possible. At the moment our vendors complain that the payment status of their invoices remains "unpaid" forever. And because of the huge number of invoives we handle it is not doable to do this manually. Idem for customer invoices,

Under review

Whereas there is no button to import a list of payments in the interface, I am pretty sure I've seen this done with a macro. 

A macro set to do this would have to rely on a file you store in a given location. 

I'd say: talk to your account manager, so that our customizations team can have a look at your case. 

You can batch-select vendor invoices and mark them as paid. For some reason, the same functionality does not exist for client invoices, why?

Are you sure you cannot do this? We can do it in our version. Maybe you are also selecting invoices which are already marked as paid and that is why the "Mark as Fully Paid" button disappears?

Hm, this has to be new - just checked and it's really there, thank you.