Macro (periodic job) for creating one invoice per one task

Monika 2 years ago in Home Portal updated 2 years ago 2

Hello everyone,

Has any of you investigated if there is a possibility to run a macro on a specific view, that would add 1 invoice per 1 task? I am looking for this solution because very often we have 1 project, 1 language combination, but many tasks (for example 1 task per 1 document - this is a clients requirement) and we need to invoice per document (per task). And I am looking for an automation. Unfortunately the periodic job that is currently available offers something opposite (it can be also useful) because it lets you add 1 big invoice per all tasks, and you can specify by Client or by Contact Person. But it's still just 1 big invoice, instead of many small invoices.

I assume that if we can add manually 1 invoice per 1 task, the macro should be able to do (replicate) the same, I am just not sure how to do that.

If anyone came already to a solution, I would be very grateful for sharing it.




You will need to create a macro that iterates through tasks.

Using the CustomerInvoiceService, you can create invoices from these tasks.

Then create a Macro Subscription periodic job that runs this macro on the specific view.

(You will need API documentation that includes description of services.)

Thank you Adam!