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Vendor Portal - Profile tab - takes a long time to populate

MindyK 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Marcin Jakubowski 2 years ago 5

We are currently testing the 8.1 version of XTRF, which is hosted online by XTRF. When we login to a vendor's portal, the time it takes to access their profile takes a VERY long time (sometimes up to 3 minutes, also having to click 'Wait' for the page to continue to load). We have some companies (not freelancers) who are our vendors. They can handle many language combinations and may have multiple pricing profiles. It seems to take longer in these situations. Is this a common thing for people? Or could it be that we are in the test environment?

This is an issue for our company as well. Thank you for posting it. 

Test environment does not affect this. Can you please post a helpdesk issue with more precise information, like exact vendor for which this issue occurs? We can then analyze logs and look for the problem.

Thank you! It's been sent in, via Report Problem in our test environment. Please let me know if I need to do this another way.


We have performed a preliminary analysis of this problem and it is not related to the 8.1 release nor to test environment. There is performance deficiency within javascript in Vendor Portal, which occurs in some specific cases - a large number of price profiles. I have reported this as an internal bug and our developers will seek an improvements in this area.