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Hi All,

I am trying to figure out whether it is possible to set automatic payment reminders for the clients' unpaid invoices somewhere in the XTRF. I have to admit that I did not find any solution other than sending the reminders manually.

What I am looking for is a setting that would send a reminder to a client when an invoice is 3 days overdue (for example). Is such an option available?

Thank you for your advice.

Hi, you would need to do that in Settings, Integration, Periodic Jobs.

There is an "Overdue Invoices Reminder" job there you can use.

There is an "Overdue Invoice Reminder" in the periodic jobs. I think you should be able to set that and go. 


Hi All,

thank you for your replies but we do not have the "Overdue Invoices Reminder" option in the given location. Is this option a non-standard item in the XTRF?

Thank you

Don't know. It could be a feature not in your plan? Which plan are you on? @XTRF, are periodic jobs not available to all plans?

Under review

Periodic jobs are available in all pricing plans, for quite some time. Although not periodic jobs are added to the system our of the box.

@J_N if you don't see that periodic job on your list, please click Add above the table:

And select Overdue Invoices Reminder form the Type drop-down list.

Just to clarify, this periodic job will send a list of overdue client invoices to the selected system user (users). It will not trigger the notification for the Client.

Automatic reminder sent to the Client could be possible with a macro.

Dear Marek,

thank you for your help. That did the trick.

Kind regards,