Update of Vendor Portal

Sancho Leath 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by mark 2 years ago 3

When is the update/renovation of the Vendor Portal planned? Will it still be part of 8.n or will we have to wait for 9.n?

So many good ideas on UE and it has to be the most frequented of the three portals because of the amount of VP users (vendors > clients > internal staff).

Some of the most pressing needs from our perspective are:

  • VP API access
  • Restriction of uploadable file types (both of delivery files and invoices), e.g. RTF or XLIFF for Bilingual and PDF for invoices
  • Smart Views options to select displayed columns and default sorting
  • Option as to where "Add Invoice" button(s) are displayed (currently both on Jobs and Invoice page)
  • Control over which messages are displayed on job page (e.g. memoQ delivery instructions)

I second this question. 

And I don't know if this is a VP issue, but just in case it is, I'd like to add customizable file categories.


You can expect some new features in the Vendor Portal in versions 8.n. 

And of course, more will come in 9.n 

Great. Any clues as to what they are? Or are you trying to build the suspense? :)