Periodic jobs: run once/now AND periodically?

Meghan Cooper 2 years ago in Something Else updated 6 months ago 3

Is there a way that a periodic job that usually runs regularly could be run once on command as needed, and then revert back to its regular schedule (i.e., not stop the periodic job and then "run once," but just run once between the regularly scheduled executions which are momentarily idle)? On the Browse Periodic Jobs page, you have to stop the job, then click "run once." And if the job is on "run" but idle at the moment, there is no place on that specific periodic job's page to "run now" unless it is first stopped. Depending on the jobs, it can take a little while to run a job, so we'll click away, and often forget to turn the periodic job back on. This is usually the case when we have a sync issue with QBO and have to manually run it "now" instead of its regularly scheduled time in a few hours.

I guess this isn't a popular problem, but it continues to be for us. Any chance this is a quick fix or tweak that could be implemented?


Hello Meghan,

I think the best way to handle this is to create a copy of the job and run that when you need to (e.g. name it Manual Sync), without having to stop the other, periodically running one. 

Thanks for the suggestion Alexandros! I hadn't thought of that actually. We may do that for jobs we commonly need to do this for. The thing is this primarily occurs when we stop the job to investigate it for some reason (has to be "stopped" in order to "edit" or even just few the Job Log). Maybe a better question/suggestion would be to be able to view (but not edit) the job even while it is running.