O365 Add on (Excel)

Robrecht Belien 2 years ago in Home Portal updated by Martynas Juodis 1 year ago 10


I really love the google sheets add on to get the smart views.

Are there any plans to create the same for O365 (Exel) ?

If not I'm willing to develop it and maybe someone would like to help.

Not sure I have the tech skills, but I will be happy to contribute. We run on Office 365 too.

That would be a great feature! Microsoft has a nice tool. With MS Flow you can create automated process to download csv files from XTRF and upload it to OneDrive or Sharepoint or you can even add rows to an existing Excel file. 

Unfortunately the O365 version has a limitation. The API call cannot be longer then 2 minutes. In our instance generating a csv file can be 5-10 minutes. 

Hi Viktor,
Maybe you could share flow script for this workflow?

Or you can use the REST API to pull a view from XTRF staight into an Excel sheet.

Hi Jussi, I think that is what the sheets add in does. But you weed need some additional data fromatting I think. That would be done by the Add in.

Or do you see a simpeler solution?

I believe you need a JSON parser to format the data. Luckily Excel already has one.

Seems to be a good idea. I'd like to help where needed.

We'd love this too.

Based on yesterday's webinar, this feature does not seem to be in the works, at least Marek was unaware of it. So, we will probably have to come up with something ourselves. I haven't played around with MS Flow myself yet, but to circumvent the issue Viktor mentioned, how about the following approach: separate the CSV generation and subsequent MS Flow procedure by running a periodic XTRF job that emails the Smart View CSV to a dummy email address that triggers a MS Flow script, which in turn takes the attached CSV, processes it in Excel, and makes it available to Power BI. Would that work?

Yes, it should work. 

We have a similar solution, but we use FTP for getting the files from XTRF. I believe that you need your own server to access your XTRF via FTP (we can download the files from the Filter subscription directory).

The "processed in Excel" part may be a bit tricky. Excel doesn't particularly like the CSVs exported from XTRF.

I think that Power BI is more capable, so you could feed the CSVs directly there (depending your processing needs).