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Archived projects

Berenice Ochoa 2 years ago in Home Portal updated 2 years ago 4

Is there a way to 'disarchive' an archived project? The archiving process indicates that it is possible to modify the basics of a project (including Finances) but when I try to do it, the Finance section appears blocked. Or is this function available only for an upgraded version of XTRF?


Good question. I've wondered this. I have changed the default 30 day archive process to 90 days so I have more time before it archives, but there have been cases where this would have been helpful.

Thank you, Mark! I would definitely change it to 90 days, but it would really help to have the option of 'disarchive' the project.

Under review

Dear Berenice,

Can you let me know do you use Smart or Classic project?

About the finances, you cannot modify the finances of an already invoiced project, which might be the reason why you were not able to perform a change.

Hello Bartosz,

I use Classic project.

Well, thanks for your response on archived projects. :)