Planning work PM.

Nick 2 years ago in Home Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 2 years ago 1

I want to propose a question. I do not know if there is such an opportunity in XTRF, correct me.
I like PM to plan my work. And I want to know when on what day or month my providers plan a vacation or are busy with other work.
In this regard, the question. Is it possible to send out XTRF from the providers that interest me (just a few), as it is done in mail clients(Outlook or The Bat)? In this newsletter, I will write that "Dear providers, I ask you to write when you are planning, your vacation, etc." And in response to this newsletter they would send me their answers.
Ideally, I would like the provider to fill out the calendar of its availability through my own, and I would have seen and used this information in my future work.
I hope that you will understand what I want.


Providers can report their planned vacation through the Vendor Portal.

It is pretty straightforward: https://knowledgebase.xtrf.eu/display/VPHelp/Vacation

If you want to encourage them to do so by sending a mass mailing to all of them, it is possible via the CRM module.

It was explained how in comments to the following post: https://xtrf.userecho.com/communities/8/topics/1088-bulk-mail-to-all-providers