Files/Folder Encryption

Jorge Villafuerte 2 years ago in Something Else updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 2 years ago 2

Some of our clients are asking to store their files encrypted, which XTRF doesn't do it by default, Will XTRF be affected if we use a tool like eCryptfs to encrypt Project Folders in the server.

Or what would be the practice that you recommend to comply with the encrypted storage.



XTRF operates on regular files, just like any other application, therefore all forms of transparent encryption should work without any issues but slight performance drop. I recommend dm-crypt with LUKS as full disk encryption, however this may require moving large amount of existing project files between partitions, but is fastest and safest solution with wide support across many Linux distributions. Be aware that encrypting a partition requires a password every time the server is restarted, so it may cause longer downtime during unexpected reboots.