How do you add Account Manager Responsible to client's "Main Data" tab?

Ioannis Kassios 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 6

We were just wondering the same thing. Account Manager Responsible seem to be hidden by default, but can be unhidden. What is the difference in intended usage between Sales Person Responsible and Account Manager Responsible? It sound almost the same.

I would think it depends how your organization is structured, how these roles are represented.

Thank you for your answer, much appreciated! I'm afraid my question was unclear, sorry about that. I have set already Sales Responsible, Account Manager Responsible and Project Manager Responsible in Client's tab. I noticed though that when I go through this: Client -> Contact Persons -> Click on a Contact Person I get a Client Tab where the Account Manager Responsible doesn't appear. How can I add the Account Manager Responsible there?


Client's Account Manager could only be shown on the Contact Persons' tabular view, at the moment.

If you need it on the contact's page specifically, please request such a development on our Ideas forum. Express your need and encourage other community members to vote on it.