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How do you send email notifications from XTRF?

Michal 2 years ago in Home Portal updated by mark 2 years ago 7


I am wondering if you can share how do you send email notification from XTRF?

We have been using mailgun.com to a decent satisfaction. However, occasionaly their (shared) IPs can get blacklisted and delivery to private domains hosted by smaller providers (e.g. johnythetranslator.com, not gmail, hotmail etc.) tend to be blocked. We have now switched to a dedicated IP to see, if we can avoid this issue.

Can you, please, share your experience if anybody uses 

- any other providers (e.g. sendinblue, mandril, sendgrid, etc....);

- has implemented other solution to send notifcations?


Would like to help out with your question, but not quite sure I follow. XTRF uses one central SMTP address to send all email notifications. As long as you are using a recognized mail server, you should have no blacklist issues, particularly since XTRF avoids bulk mail suspicion by staggering the sending of multiple notifications (1-minute delays). Let me know if I misunderstood.

Thanks for sharing info about "staggered sending" Sancho.

At the time of XTRF implementation we opted for a third party solution instead of sending notifications though our G Suite account since it was easy to integrate, provided detailed logs and offered prevention against blacklisting of the whole domain/domain IP if the email ended up beeing marked as spam. We also did not want to risk having the whole G Suite service blocked if Google decides we were violating any current or future rule by sending a little more email (10k/month). 

Ironically, some of the shared IPs of the service provider ended up beeing blacklisted several times recently and we switched to a dedicated IP. As most transactional email service providers offer dedicated IPs at a cost of USD 60+/month and recommend using them when sending hunderds of thousands of emails per month a dedicated IP seems to be an exaggerated and costly solution at the moment.

We have had some delivery problems but they are not related to XTRF as such. It's just that even big e-mail providers (like Microsoft) just start blocking traffic from certain addresses for no reason at all. 

I have what may be a related question. Since XTRF uses a central SMTP address to send notifications... All sent email addresses use that single central SMTP email address. So, the "From" field changes, but not the from "email" address. Is this the only way to set up the outgoing email? I've been concerned that this could cause more emails being caught in spam. 

The alternative is not so easy to do. For example you would have to have separate SMTP accounts for all your PMs, with their actual credentials, so each "emailable" action performed by them would send email from their account. But what about automation, when it is not PM sending emails? Password recoveries, system messages etc. And what about security, regularly changing their SMTP passwords?

This is actually very common that an IT system sends notifications using one central SMTP account, and that should not be an issue by itself.

Maybe I made an assumption that when the To and the Reply don't match, it can be flagged? I never felt it looked great when that is the case, but it's not the highest priority. But the examples you brought up, yes they should be from the system. I always felt that if we have an email from a person, it should be from the person, not from the system with the person's name. But again, this isn't a priority.