How to get job id of existing job in XTRF smart project

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I would like to update the status of existing jobs in XTRF smart projects using the XTRF Home Portal API.

The API call requires a job ID, but I don't where to find this ID.

End point: .../v2/jobs/{jobId}/status

Following the solution of a similar question on stackoverflow, I have defined a view with a list of jobs that require updating. However, there seems to be no column that holds the {jobId} that is required for the API. There is a column called "Internal ID" that contains a 4-digit number (in my case). But when I use that number in the API call, there's an error:

"Invalid Job ID of a Smart Job. Use new form of Job ID for Smart Jobs (e.g. 2QROVSCO3ZG3NM6KAZZBXH5HMI)."

So apparently, there is a new form for the job ID. Is there a specific column for the view that I should use, or is there another way to retrieve this job ID?

The Job ID can be found in the url (after clicking on a job):


Another way is to retrieve the jobs by the API itself, this can be done for a quote, but also for a project:

Endpoint: /v2/quotes/{quoteId}/jobs 
See here https://simplytranslate.s.xtrf.eu/api/doc/users/pages/v2-quotes.html#GET_/v2/quotes/{quoteId}/jobs

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My application can only retrieve information through the API, so your first suggestion cannot be applied here, unfortunately.

Your second suggestion would work. It does seem quite laborious though: I first need to take the project ID (new form) from my view and use that to retrieve a list of jobs for that project via the API. Then I must iterate through this list and read each job's idNumber via another API call and compare that to the job ID in my view until I find the right job.

If the new job ID would be available as a view column (like the new project ID), I could directly target the right job. Hopefully, this can be added in a future version.

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I think I didn't understand you correctly the first time.

You could also create a new virtual column for the Job with this code:


You can add that to your Jobs view.

Would that work for you?


Brilliant! This is exactly what I need. Thanks Dennis

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