Default status of manually added vendor

Seyma Albarino 2 years ago in Home Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 2 years ago 3

We're experimenting with manually adding certain vendors to our database rather than having them register themselves. However, we've found that the default status for a vendor added manually is Active. Is there a way to change the default status for a manually added vendor?


Our reasoning here was: since vendor is added by in-house staff, every field should be filled out carefully by them.

At the moment, you cannot influence what the default vendor status is, except of course for the sign-up process via Vendor Portal.

What would be the default status in your case, and what process do you apply?

Also, I can move this topic to Product Development Ideas for people to comment and vote on what they think about it. Just let me know.


For us there are two things here. First, we'd like to have more flexibility on the vendor statuses. They currently are static and don't full reflect how we need to manager our vendors. Second, the reason we're manually entering vendors is because at times we need to quickly get a new vendor up and running on a project, so we enter their data, and finalize our verification process at a later point. But in this case, we'd have to manually change their status so we know they haven't been fully verified yet. We rarely add new vendors manually, other than when we go through this process.

I think we've had adding new vendor statuses in the development ideas before. No?

But I'd like to move adding customizable vendor status along with selecting the default status as a development idea.

Thanks Lukasz.

I do not think it was ever requested on that forum, at least I am not able to find it.