night mode

Laura Jimenez 2 years ago in Something Else updated 2 years ago 10

Good morning,

would anyone find usefull to have an option to change the XTRF background from white to grey or any more comfortable color?



Well, I wrote "night mode" but maybe the correct term would be "background color"

Yes, I have other applications adapted and it's much better. Looking at such a white screen is not healthy.

Some of our PMs use this and like it:


I had no idea. Thanks!

A possibility to use a customized CSS file would be nice.

Nice thread! Ergonomics at work is always worth to strive for :)

Although long hours of looking at a bright white screen can make our eyes tired, the scientific research shows that looking at a white text on a dark background is even worse for our health.

An interesting solution to make light of the screen more synchronized with a natural daylight is the abovementioned f.lux application. I personally use it for some time and recommend it.

If you still prefer to invert colors of the XTRF/browser/screen, then I would recommend an external application or plugin. Several examples have been mentioned above.



your suggestion for f.lux application has had a great welcome in our team.