Is there a way how to delete a process template?

Clarice M. 2 years ago in Something Else updated by Aly 7 months ago 9

Is there a way how to delete a process template instead of just making it deactivated? It still shows up this way and any duplicate process templates that were created by mistake or duplicate ones are useless. 

Thanks for your help.

And also the process steps? I cannot see a delete button anywhere..

I have the same issue... Did you get any answer to this questions? Did you implement XTRF?

It would be nice to be able to delete these. We have lots of unused steps that we can't do anything with...

Jeezas! I am only starting to properly implement the system and I already have huge headaches. Are you using the system? Satisfied with it? Let's just all ask for the clean-up of unused steps...  


I think you get many complainers on this board (myself included). XTRF is an all-encompassing product that is very good, and very frustrating. It's frustrating because, in part, it feels that it could be much better with just a little more attention. Not to say the people working aren't working hard and doing their best, but it just seems that it could just better if some details were attended to. 

Having said that, I have been using Smart Projects for 13 months and we're definitely a satisfied, if not frustrated, customer.  

I estimated that my initial implementation would take 3 months, and it ended up taking over a year. So, there's a lot to do, and a lot to consider. Good luck! And post your questions here so we can continue to grow a community.

Not sure what to tell you, Alina. We have been using Smart Projects for almost two years. Is it a great system? Best way to answer: not yet. It has a lot of promise and the potential to be great.. But as you can tell by recent customer feedback, we have been patiently waiting for glaringly missing features to run the full spectrum of an LSP operation ... and for quite some time. Let's see whether XTRF will reply to the current dissatisfaction with some more transparency. That would certainly help all of us.

Can you run your operation on Smart Projects? Yes, with a number of workarounds. Don't expect out-of-the-box solutions for all your needs ... at least not at this point.

@XTRF: This is not to say you're not trying hard to develop Smart Projects, but it's becoming rather apparent that more roadmap transparency is needed, or will at least be greatly appreciated by your loyal customer base.


Damn that Sancho. He's so much more articulate than me.


It's not possible to delete a Process Template, you can deactivate it. It will not be available for selection in your projects anymore.

The same goes for the Process Steps, not possible to delete, only possible to deactivate it.

To deactivate any of the above, please edit the entity and set the Active radio button to No.

For example:

Yeah, but why tho?