BIRT4 - Display Contact Person dataset

Peter Kolar 2 years ago in Something Else updated by Sancho Leath 1 year ago 6


I am upgrading our tempaltes to BIRT4 and am stuck on this one display item. I am trying to display the contact person in a specific task, but do not know the correct dataset value for it. Can anyone help with that?

Basically I want to display a contact person in the header row for each task of a customer invoice template.

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Hi, would project level contact person be of any help?

Hi Michal,

I would really need it on a task level, since we have clients that have many contact persons that order our services Thank you anyway:).

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Hi Peter,

Unfortunately currently our DataSet for Tasks in Customer Invoice does not allow to display Contact Person from particular Task.

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Jakub Piwowarczyk

Is there any way this will change and does anyone have a workaround/solution for this? Dipslaying the contact person for a task on an invoice seems to be a basic level requirement.

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We had to have a customized invoice template made for us to achieve this.