Is it possible to have separate synchoniztions/integrations with Quickbooks for separate Branches?

Donna Meyer 2 years ago in Something Else updated 2 years ago 5

If we open a Branch (another office location) that is managed under a separate QuickBooks instance, can we have two separate integrations for synchronization of client and vendor invoices and payments? I see on the Quickbooks integration configuration screen that a Branch or Branches can be selected, but I don't see how to set up two separate instances.  Thank you!


1 XTRF can connect to 1 QuickBooks instance - at least at a time. :)

So, there is a theoretical possibility to sync invoices for clients related to one branch first, and then connect to another QB and sync remaining invoices, ie. the ones related to the other branch. And a person would have to intervene (swap the QB connection) each time synchronization between the two systems takes place. Not very automatic and not something we would encourage.

Do you think this is a relatively easy development item we could do via API or working together to incorporate in our instance? Or would it be a more complex programming challenge. Since the branch designation already is a selection option, it would seem we could somehow create two instances of the sync - thinking about options :)

We are planning on expanding our API to allow marking invoices paid. That to me is the only missing item to develop a custom-made connector for the other QB instance to sync projects done for clients from the second branch. It should be available at some point 18Q4. The complexity of building a connector app on top of that will depend on what exactly needs to be transmitted between XTRF and QB and the other way round.

Desktop and it's been working just fine, but now we may have another branch using a different Quickbooks instance so we are trying to determine how we could roll that in if we move them to XTRF.